Carnival of Space #331

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Carnival of SpaceThe 331st Carnival of Space is hosted by Joe Latrell of Photos to Space. Each week, space science and astronomy bloggers submit their writing to the carnival host, who selects the best to be presented in the weekly posting. If you would like to see your own writing featured, send an email to for information on what to do.

This week's carnival is quite full: First up is an article on recent discoveries made using the Chandra Xray telescope, by Chandra's official blog, and then another article on a slightly older discovery by Urban Astronomer. Next up is a batch from Next Big Future, starting with a look at the Hubble Space Telescope, then a look at how SpaceX is preparing to test some new hardware concepts, and finally a look at SpaceX's most recent succesful launch. This is followed by a pair of articles from Photos in Space on life in space (both psychological and physical), and the Carnival closes off with an interesting piece from Universe Today on the nature and cause of the force of Gravity.

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