Will the Blood Moon harm my unborn baby? — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks for the great article. Here in Venezuela the superstition is very much alive, as seen and heard in reactions to last night’s “blood moon”

  2. i like it but i ned one more thing to know can you please explain why do mother do not hang their baby’s nappies when blood moon in fear of bad luck? if you read this pls explain it thank yo.:)

    • I didn’t even know some mothers believed that. I suppose it’s all tied to the same thing, that eclipses are unusual and make the world feel a bit wrong (because it’s so strange to feel everything go dark in the middle of the day, and to hear the birds suddenly go silent, and all the other little things that change). If you’re already the sort of person who believes in bad luck or evil spirits, then I suppose it’s natural to see an eclipse as some sort of omen. And if you connect that to your baby’s nappy, well that seems as logical to me as all the other strange ideas people have!

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  4. so i looked at the bloody-moon lastnight and i’m pregnant . my mom asked me if i did and she said my baby is going to be born without a lip and etc . i am scared now .

    • I’m so sorry to hear that, Alyssa. My wife has now had five pregnancies (all with no problems, healthy babies) and I have seen how scary it can be when you get all this different information about things that might harm you or your baby. I will say again what I said in the article: There is no danger from this. Now that you know what an eclipse is, and how it works, you should be able to see that it can’t have any effect on any human (except for maybe making you tired from staying up late!).
      But you don’t have any reason to believe me over your own mother, so the next time you see your doctor or midwife, ask them about eclipses. I am sure they will tell you the same thing and put your mind at rest.

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