Will Mars look as big as the Moon in August?

Will Mars look as big as the Moon?

Dear Urban Astronomer   I recently received this presentation in an email.  Apparently, Mars will look as big as the Moon on 27 August, because it will be closer to us than ever before in recorded history and will look as big as the Moon in the sky.  Is this true? I was tempted to simply dismiss this as a joke.  After all, it’s not like anybody still falls for this, right?  Surely people remember seeing the same hoax this time … Continue reading →

Where is the centre of the Universe?

Where is the Centre of the Universe?

Would finding the centre of the Universe help us understand our place in the Cosmos?  In a previous article, I talked about the problem of trying to measure speeds in space.  Because there are no fixed positions in the universe, there can be no such thing as an absolute, “real” speed.  Even the ground beneath your feet is attached to a planet hurtling through space!.  The very idea of speed simply means “The distance traveled, divided by the time it took … Continue reading →

Carnival of Space #459

Carnival of Space
Image Credit: Jason Major

Welcome to the Carnival of Space, where we bring together the newest and most interesting space news for your weekly consumption.  If you’ve been wondering when last week’s carnival was going to land, well we’re doing something a little different today!  Pam Hoffman from Everyday Spacer and I have worked together for a double-release, meaning that you get not one but two carnivals!  The first you can read here, on this page, and the second is over at Everyday Spacer. … Continue reading →