Urban Astronomer Podcast – Teaser


I’ve been promising to produce a podcast for years now.  Well the good news is, it’s almost here!  Here’s a quick teaser, just to give an idea of what we’ll be bringing you.  Watch this space!

Picking fights with a flat-earther

Flat Earth Map

They tell us we’re living in a post-truth world, whatever that’s supposed to mean.  All I know is that there’s a growing number of people who look at the vast store of human knowledge, and reject it.  People who hear experts speak on science, politics, medicine, and say “Nope! I saw a YouTube about this, and I know better!”.  And there’s no starker demonstration of this than the modern flat-earther. How does this happen? What makes sane adults, with an education … Continue reading →

Lessons learned trying to live-stream an eclipse

Great African Eclipse os 1 September 2016. Credit: Allen Versfeld

Some months back, the Astronomical Society of South Africa (ASSA) decided use the upcoming partial annular solar eclipse to promote astronomy in South Africa, and perhaps drum up a few new members for ASSA. Now ASSA has decades of experience with public outreach, but they wanted to try something new: video.  My brief, as a committee volunteer, was to help them to live-stream an eclipse.  Overall, we felt we’d succeeded in the end, but there were definitely some lessons worth learning. … Continue reading →

Carnival of Space #485

Carnival of Space Image Credit: Jason Major

Another week, another Carnival of Space.  It’s an interesting time for Urban Astronomer, what with weather interfering with our plans at helping out with an international amateur collaboration to measure the distances to asteroids and the announcement date for our next big secret project looming (it’s a podcast. Launching next year, in February. Don’t tell anybody! Shh!).  We’re so busy, but not producing any visible results.  But soon the new year will roll around, the weather will change, our funding situation … Continue reading →