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Carnival of Space #418

Carnival of Space #418 (image credit: Jason Major)It's been an impossibly busy few weeks at Urban Astronomer headquarters.  So busy that no astronomy has happened at all, apart from a few stolen glances upwards at the night sky while feeding the dog.  Thankfully, they've let me keep my Carnival hosting privileges, and so I still get to bring you the 418th Carnival of Space!

I'm obviously not the only busy one, though, as we've had very few submissions this week, and only one from a regular contributor.  So if you normally find the full carnival to be too long to read in a single sitting, then you're in luck because we're keeping it short and sweet today!

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Carnival of Space #410

Carnival of Space - image credit: Jason MajorIt's almost the middle of June, which means that it's mid-winter here at my home in the South and the much-delayed cold weather has finally arrived!  It's an excellent time of year for stargazing with long crisp evenings, week-long stretches of cloudless sky, a spectacular range of objects to point our telescopes towards, and a shaky national power utility gifting us with repeated blackouts for extra-dark skies.  But what to do if you're not blessed with such ideal observing conditions?  Well that's where the Carnival of Space comes in!  Welcome, enjoy the show, try the popcorn!

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Observer's Guide - June 2015

Well it took long enough but Winter finally started.  Here where I live, the evenings are finally cold, the air is finally clear, and the stars are back out in their finest, brightest glory.  It's a fantastic time to observe, so here's a quick rundown on what you can see:


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