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Carnival of Space #400

Carnival of SpaceWelcome to the 400th Carnival of Space!  We're running a day late, thanks to the Easter Weekend, but there's a bumper crop of astronomy and space science news and articles to make up for it, so let's dive straight in.

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Are we really headed for a collision with Andromeda?

The Andromeda Galaxy.  Image credit: NASA/JPL/California Institute of TechnologyDear Urban Astronomer

I recently read that the andromeda system is our closest neighbour. Apparently, our galaxy is on a crash course with the andromeda system. They make it sound like its going to happen in the next few decades. I was just curious how much bigger is andromeda? How close is it to us? And how close are we to impact. Thanks in advance,


Dear Drew

First thing first, we are indeed on a collision course with the Andromeda Galaxy, but we've got rather more than just a few decades to get our affairs in order, so I wouldn't worry too much just yet.<--break->

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Missing the Eclipse

Solar Eclipse in NankaiYesterday, my cousin sent me a little reminder about the Solar Eclipse coming up this Friday.  From her home in Scotland, she will have a good view of the partial eclipse, and she gently teased me about not having any way to see it myself from down here in Africa.  While I am disappointed at missing out, I'm not suffering too much because I've had much worse experiences that have pretty much hardened me against anything eclipse related.


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