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Mission to Mars: Why we must go

Preparing for a Mission to MarsThis entry was originally written for my Now Look Here! blog, but I reckon it's relevant for Urban Astronomer too:

I listened to a series of Naked Scientists podcasts recently, on the various competing plans to launch a human mission to Mars. One episode stood out in particular, asking whether this was something that we need to spend money actually doing.They assembled a panel of various experts and authorities to debate the issue, and while they all raised interesting points, they also all seemed to miss the bigger implications.  The two main reasons brought up in the debate were scientific research and the "lifeboat" principle.

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Carnival of Space #427

Carnival of Space.  Image credit: Jason Major

Here we are again, back at Urban Astronomer HQ, banging on the doors for them to let us in and enjoy the Carnival of Space! Every week a different space blogger dons the mantel of Carnival Ringmaster and scrapes together a collection of the best space science and astronomy writing from around the Internet. And it's all done just for you, dear sweet reader. So come in, get comfy, and listen up!

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The Small Magellanic Cloud and 47 Tuc

Small Magellanic Cloud and 47 Tuc

A few nights ago, I captured this image of the Small Magellanic Cloud and the nearby globular cluster 47 Tuc.  It had been a while since I'd last taken the camera outside, and I wanted to grab something relatively simple while the weather was still clear.  So I decided to have another go at capturing a long exposure wide-field image.  Previous images of the Milky Way in Sagittarius, and the region around Crux and Carina, had been disappointing because of bad colour and poor contrast, but I'd recently discovered an article explaining at a technical level what the ISO setting in DSLR cameras actually does, which gave me an idea of what I'd been doing wrong.


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