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Constantly Learning

I have just completed processing my third image of the famous southern radio galaxy Centaurus A.  Each time I go back to this object, I get better results, even though I'm using the exact same equipment each time.  It just goes to prove that it's not the equipment that makes the shot, but the photographer.  Just to labour the point, here are all three of my images (so far) of Centaurus A, along with notes of how I captured each shot and what I learned each time to make the next one better.

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Observer's Guide - May 2015

It's a new month and here in the Southern Hemisphere we're starting to enter into winter when the stargazing is at its best.  Cold dry air, with the best the southern skies have to offer all neatly presented, capped off with a nice selection of planets throughout the night makes for what should be an excellent month.

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Repairing a Lens

"Canon EF 50 mm f 1.8 II" by Justus Blümer from Deutschland - Canon EF 50mm f 1:1.8 II ObjektivUploaded by Common Good. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - of my favourite tools for astrophotography is the Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 lens which I use for wide field deep sky images. It's the single cheapest lens on the market, as evidenced by its all-plastic construction and the scratchy grinding noise made by its autofocus motor. But it's also fast, small and light, and it performs way above its price range. It's the perfect accessory for an astronomer on a budget, like me. Unfortunately, kids and photography gear don't mix, as I found one day when I came home one day to find it broken on the floor.


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