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The Small Magellanic Cloud and 47 Tuc

Small Magellanic Cloud and 47 Tuc

A few nights ago, I captured this image of the Small Magellanic Cloud and the nearby globular cluster 47 Tuc.  It had been a while since I'd last taken the camera outside, and I wanted to grab something relatively simple while the weather was still clear.  So I decided to have another go at capturing a long exposure wide-field image.  Previous images of the Milky Way in Sagittarius, and the region around Crux and Carina, had been disappointing because of bad colour and poor contrast, but I'd recently discovered an article explaining at a technical level what the ISO setting in DSLR cameras actually does, which gave me an idea of what I'd been doing wrong.

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What we've been up to: Light Pollution, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse

Some of the kids who got to look through the telescopeIf you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you'll know that Urban Astronomer has been doing a fair bit of astronomy outreach over recent months.  In July, I gave a presentation on Light Pollution for the Rhenosterspruit Conservancy, and in September I filmed the partial solar eclipse, and streamed it live for  And without even realising it, we became a major source of news on a surprising superstition regarding the recent Lunar Eclipse!

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Carnival of Space #418

Carnival of Space #418 (image credit: Jason Major)It's been an impossibly busy few weeks at Urban Astronomer headquarters.  So busy that no astronomy has happened at all, apart from a few stolen glances upwards at the night sky while feeding the dog.  Thankfully, they've let me keep my Carnival hosting privileges, and so I still get to bring you the 418th Carnival of Space!

I'm obviously not the only busy one, though, as we've had very few submissions this week, and only one from a regular contributor.  So if you normally find the full carnival to be too long to read in a single sitting, then you're in luck because we're keeping it short and sweet today!


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