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Observer's Guide - March 2015

Urban Astronomer has been running for almost five years, and yet we've never published a guide to what you can expect to see in the sky.  Shocking.  So starting today, we'll be posting a monthly guide to things worth looking for, with a bias towards the view from the Southern Hemisphere (because that's where I live).

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M42 from my backyard

A few weeks ago, we had a spell of unseasonable clear weather, and I planned an evening to image the Crab Nebula in Taurus. I wasn't particularly disciplined about it, though, and ended up pointing the telescope all over the sky, and grabbed about 30 frames of M42, the great nebula in Orion. I processed it a few weeks later, and was pleasantly surprised at how popular it's become on my various social media accounts. It's even been picked as the cover image for a local astronomical society magazine, and they wanted to know how I went about creating this pretty picture. Hence, this article.

M42 -- Image Credit: Allen Versfeld

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Carnival of Space #392

Carnival of SpaceHey everybody, welcome to the 398th Carnival of Space, where I'm lucky enough to be your host for the week.  It seems to be a slow time of year so not too many submissions have been made, but that's okay.  I like a more intimate performance!  


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