The Urban Astronomer Podcast, and associated website, is entirely free for anybody to use at any time. But a special few people have decided to offer their patronage and send me a bit of money each month through Patreon. This page is a way to thank them. Every person here has pledged a small financial contribution every month, to help me run the show. In return, they get access to my audio library containing unedited original recordings and the occasional special episode.

Their names are:

  • Cathrine Versfeld
  • Peter
  • Frank Tippin
  • George Palmer


If you are on this list, or if you are thinking about becoming a patron, you might want to know how your money will be used. My primary expense is hosting – I rent several servers, and also have to cover bandwidth costs. (Incidentally, if you want your own customized server and somebody to run it for you, mail me!). I will save any funds left over towards upgrading studio and field equipment, paying for travel, and other general expenses. If enough people join the list above, I might even be able to pay somebody to make transcriptions, do real journalism, or any of the other wonderful things that make the big podcasts stand out!