Bad Science, UFO's and Modern Myths

Every day, I see more and more adverts and announcements promising apocalypse in the year 2012.  Some genius in Hollywood has capitalised on this with a blockbuster film about it, and I'm seeing more and more unrelated junk science theories being lumped together as proof that the Mayans were right.  But there's a lot of other junk out there as well, everything from New Physics theories that get published in glossy paperbacks to UFO sightings.

Countering all this are a large number of skeptical science articles, using fact and logic to pour scorn on anybody who believes all that stuff.  And frankly, it's counter-productive.  If you're not sure what to believe and are looking for answers, I doubt you're going to listen to the guy who insults you for asking.  So in these pages I hope to challenge most of the apocalyptic theories and the explanations behind them using facts and simple logic.  No ad hominem attacks, no jokes at the expense of believers.  With luck, people will actually read this, and maybe I can help dispel some of the darkness.

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Nibiru (part 2)

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X37-b Launch

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The Mayan Calendar


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