ATM in the media

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I figured out why I'm taking longer and longer gaps between work: My kids are getting old enough to climb into cupboards, and curious enough to dig through and dismantle everything they find.  Therefore, if my mirror and supplies are to survive, they have to be packed and hidden away very thoroughly in hard-to-reach places.  I'll do a few hour's polishing, stash it all together in the highest darkest recess of a cupboard, and then forget about it.  It's the old "Out of sight, out of mind" principle at play.  Perhaps our new home will have a room we can use as a studio or workshop, where our stuff can be left out and the door locked.  Ah well.  

Meanwhile, I was interested to see questions about ATM appear in the Straight Dope forums:  Give it a read to see how the hobby is perceived by outsiders.

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