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Time flies, and it’s time for Urban Astronomer to host the Carnival of Space yet again! This week we’ve got a well-packed issue for you, so get comfortable and settle in for the long haul.

The week starts with Universe Today:


Then come three articles from a new contributor, Blasting News:


From The Space Writer:


From Next Big Future:


From Planetaria:


From The Brown Spaceman:


From the official blog of the Chandra Xray Telescope:


And finally, from Andrew Fraknoi:

    • Perseid Meteor Shower May Show an Outburst. This Thursday and Friday, there will be one of the best annual meteor showers you and your family can watch -– the Perseids. And some experts are even predicting that there might be a meteor “outburst” this year –- where the number of shooting stars increases beyond the usual rates.


And that’s that for the Carnival of Space #470 – thank you for reading this far!  If you are a space science or astronomy writer and would like to feature one of your articles on the carnival, please let us know We’re also always looking for websites to take a turn at hosting the carnival, so if you’d like to volunteer, we’d really like to hear from you.  In either case, drop us an email at


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