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Carnival of Space #442

Carnival of Space. Image Credit: Jason MajorIt's carnival time! Every week, the carnival of space moves to a new host to bring you the past week's best writing on space science and astronomy, and this week it's been dominated by two news items: The prediction of a Neptune-sized planet in our Solar System, far out past the orbit of Pluto, and the striking alignment of all five classical planets in early morning skies. My social media accounts have been on fire with conversations on both topics, and they're well represented in the articles submitted below.

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Carnival of Space #436

Carnival of SpaceTime flies as the end of the year approaches, so fast that I got caught by surprise when my turn to hose the Carnival of Space came around again! It's been a surprisingly quiet week, if you go by article submissions, so let's get to it:

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Carnival of Space #427

Carnival of Space.  Image credit: Jason Major

Here we are again, back at Urban Astronomer HQ, banging on the doors for them to let us in and enjoy the Carnival of Space! Every week a different space blogger dons the mantel of Carnival Ringmaster and scrapes together a collection of the best space science and astronomy writing from around the Internet. And it's all done just for you, dear sweet reader. So come in, get comfy, and listen up!


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