Can mirrors ‘catch’ lightning? — 2 Comments

  1. Used to do roofing and lighting hit her bathroom mirror and there was a thousand little pin holes in her sheet rock walls coming from inside out now explain that shit

    • Hi Pat

      If I understand your comment correctly (and I’m not sure I do – you’re welcome to write back with more detail), you’re saying that somebody’s mirror was struck by lightning, and the walls of the house showed signs of damage. But so what? I never said that mirrors can’t be struck by lightning. I said that they don’t have special lightning attracting powers. Mirrors are just shiny things, which can be made from glass, silver, aluminium, plastic, or any number of other materials. They’re exactly as likely to be hit if you turn them away from the window, or cover them with a sheet, or otherwise hide them from the storm, as if you do nothing at all.
      Rather spend your energy disconnecting your expensive electrical appliances – they’re far more likely to be damaged and cost more to replace.

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