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Welcome back to another Carnival of Space, Urban Astronomer style.  The week felt quiet, after the excitement of running a live video stream of our partial view of the annular solar eclipse of the Sun, so it was a big surprise to find so many space science and astronomy writers sending in their work for this week’s edition of the carnival.

So without any further prevaricating around the bush, let’s get started. Kicking off the Carnival of Space, our first contributor is Blasting News:


From Forbes:


From Universe Today:


From Planetaria:


From the official blog of the Chandra X-ray Space Telescope:


From Links Through Space:

  • Here at Links through Space we introduce a series of 7 articles on the Age of Astronomy. This series focuses on tangible evidence such as relics, artifacts, astronomical alignments and star maps that establishes the age of Astronomy. Follow our Ancient Astronomy Series: THE AGE OF ASTRONOMY. Read the posts and find out the true age of astronomy. 3/7 : Places: El Caracol, Chichen Itza 906AD


And Finally, from Next Big Future:


And with that, we close the Carnival.  Hope you enjoyed your visit, and we look forward to seeing you next week!

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