Carnival of Space Image Credit: Jason Major

Another week, another Carnival of Space.  It’s an interesting time for Urban Astronomer, what with weather interfering with our plans at helping out with an international amateur collaboration to measure the distances to asteroids and the announcement date for our next big secret project looming (it’s a podcast. Launching next year, in February. Don’t tell anybody! Shh!).  We’re so busy, but not producing any visible results.  But soon the new year will roll around, the weather will change, our funding situation will have improved, and we can begin to start taking this public astronomy engagement game seriously!

Meanwhile, there’s a Carnival to host, so let’s get started.

Universe Today


The Evolving Planet


Next Big future


 Chandra X-ray Telescope



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Allen is an amateur astronomer, an IT professional, a podcaster, a father of five beautiful kids and a barely competent chess player. He is also the director of the Astrophotography Section of the Astronomical Society of South Africa, where he coordinates and promotes the activities of people who are far better photographers than him.


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