Hubble’s time-lapse video of Black Hole — 2 Comments

  1. Seems that with a nearly imperceptible charge difference between young and old stars, that dark matter could be eliminated as the cause of faster outer regions. You don’t even need to break the laws of physics or invent something that doesn’t exist except when it’s convenient to keep an assumptive theory such as gravity driven galactic structures alive. My little magnet can resist the entire Earths gravity. Gravity is weak…dark matter is a huge fudge factor to get around that point.

    • Try a simple experiment: Take the most powerful magnet you can find. Hold it at head height, and try to pick up a pin lying by your feet. Gravity wins. Try a similar experiment using static electricity to pick up a scrap of paper or even dust. Electromagnetism only manages to overpower gravity over extremely short distances. Why? Because positive and negative charges exert opposite electrical fields, which work against each other. Near to the source of the field, the difference in distance between the positive charge carriers is enough to allow for a large nett force. But from far away, they cancel each other out. Gravity, however, is only ever positive, and gravitational fields always add. Hence, Gravity dominates in space.

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