Venus with the naked eye in Daylight — 2 Comments

    • Thank you! There aren’t a lot of places that sell decent telescopes in Southern Africa. The ones that comes to mind are,, and
      Camera and Department stores sometimes sell them as well, but be careful not to buy anything that makes a big deal about how many x magnification it has – those are toys and will disappoint. There are brands like Bushnell, Tasco and K-Way which… honestly I’m not sure. I’ve never used one, and people generally say not to buy them. But they are real telescopes, and if they are all you can find in your area, and you can afford them, then I suppose it’s better than nothing. But if you have the option, I would suggest rather buy something from Orion, Sky Watcher, Celestron or Meade. There are other brands that are much better (and much much more expensive!), but if you know about those, then you don’t need my advice!
      Most important things to remember: Bigger is better (and I’m talking the diameter of the tube, not the length), and you need a decent mount for the telescope, otherwise it will wobble and shake so much that you can’t see anything.

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