Interview with Dr Tony Lelliott — 1 Comment

  1. In a democracy it is important that citizens are able to make informed decisions based on their knowledge of the topic. How do you persuade people to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions if they have no understanding of energy flows or the structure of the atmosphere. Not everyone needs to be a climate scientist but citizens need a basic level of scientific literacy to be able to participate as citizens.
    Following from this citizens need to know enough to able to critically evaluate the quality of information they consume. The gateway drugs here could be something as basic as the shape of the earth, wether NASA sent astronauts to the moon or can 5G spread Covid-19. Without a basic understanding of how science works, everything we teach in schools is totally wasted when people are susceptible to weaponised disinformation.
    That is why science education is important. Oh, and it may make us less reliant of the importation of foreign skills if we actually learnt how to run our own infrastructure.

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