Robert Ormerod at ScopeX 2018 — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Allen,

    Thanks for providing this podcast, it has been enjoyable and informative. Frankly, this recent episode was not the best. Podcasts of live shows often have terrible audio quality, especially group talks on-stage, but the sound on this episode was good. Unfortunately, the speaker constantly referred to multiple, unseen images and none of them were of a Event Horizon. It was tough to follow. Episodes #16, 27, 29-31 were excellent and I’ll be listening to those again. Looking forward to your next episode!

    • Hi Michael
      Thanks for the feedback. I’m definitely going to have to avoid these lectures in future – it seemed like a great idea when I struck that deal with ScopeX, but it just isn’t working as well as I’d hoped. I’m surprised (but gratified) that you liked #27 – I thought that was one of my weakest efforts. Just goes to show what I know!
      I’m looking forward to season 2 as well, and promise not to keep you waiting too long.

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