Southern skies and Northern skies — 3 Comments

  1. Very interesting podcast Allen, very well explained without any visual aid! Maybe you could follow it up with a explanation of precession and proper motion. I think a lot of amateur astronomers have a problem understanding the subtle movement of objects in the sky including the interaction between objects in our solar system. What does J2000.0 coordinates mean and why you should not enter “on the date” coordinates on a goto system with a J2000.0 data base. I know its not your cup of tee, but those with goto systems find it surprising to learn that the planetary data is less accurate than the star and deep sky object data base of their goto system and that they should never “sync” on a planet.
    Thank you and keep well

    • Thank you, Piet, that’s a great idea for a topic. I touched on it very briefly in an earlier episode where I took on the Flat Earth brigade, but there’s so much room to dig in and explain it properly!

  2. I found this podcast fascinating.
    Whilst I found a fair bit of it difficult to grasp entirely, & I enjoyed replaying much of it several times to better try & understand some, it was very interesting – thank you!

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